As a daughter, wife, mom & business owner

I find the first thing that falls off my to-do-list is myself

I am working on changing that, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to confidently say I am a leader in that category. I know there are many other people like me wondering why it is so difficult. Reclaim your day with our simple step-by-step process.

What you'll get from this course

  • A four week guided online course

    Get the definitive, quick-start guide to creating and building your out your future plan with living louder goals.

  • Clear step-by-step instructions

    Easy to follow with a downloadable workbook that supports your online learning experience.

  • Reclaim your life

    We want you to know that you already have everything within you to be able to Live Louder. We are here to motivate and keep you on track.

  • One-on-one coaching

    We provide you with a 40 min one-on-one coaching session with the founders. We will go through your workbook together and any questions that you may have along your journey.

  • Weekly check-in

    To motivate you to complete the course, we will check-in with you each week. Join the group chat discussions with other classmates in the #OneHIVE.

  • Techniques and tools that work

    Our aim is to uplift you, so that you Live Louder with more meaning, more purpose and more clarity.

The Live Louder Course

Have the courage to live your truth

    1. An Introduction to Living Louder

    2. Before we begin...

    3. Introduction Workbook - Just in Case You Haven't Downloaded it Yet

    4. Let's Get to Know Each Other

    5. About Me

    6. What is Your Childhood Story?

    7. Weekly Check-in

    8. Week 1 Workbook Completion

    1. The Cycle of Living Louder

    2. The Cycle of Living Louder

    3. Quiz - The Cycle of Living Louder

    1. Step 1 - Healthy the Workbook download now

    2. Step 1 - Healthy

    3. Connecting Body, Mind and Soul the Workout

    4. Step 2 - Wealthy the Workbook

    5. Step 2 - Wealthy

    6. Creating Abundance

    7. Step 3 - Wise the Workbook

    8. Step 3 - Wise

    9. Creating Wisedom

    1. Responsibilities & Obligations the Workbook

    2. Step 4 - Responsibilities & Obligations to Others

    3. Managing Your Responsibilities & Obligations

    1. Relationships with Direct Family Workbook

    2. Relationships with Direct Family

    3. Love Relationships Workbook

    4. Love Relationships

    5. Place of Work or Study Relationships Workbook

    6. Place of Work or Study Relationships

    7. Friendships Workbook

    8. Friendships

    9. Community Involvement Workbook

    10. Community Involvement

    1. More Love & Greater Connection

    2. Feeling Valued

    3. My Purpose

    4. More Love & Greater Connection Workbook

What's included in this course

  • 12 Lessons
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • 40 min one-on-one coaching session

Meet your guides

We know this approach works, we are living proof!

Melissa Perkins


I have spent the past four years developing this program based upon my own personal experiences and life journey. I am a self-help warrior and I know that the best solution for yourself is to truly listen to what you and your body needs. When I started my journey, I had no idea what I wanted or needed and I had shut myself off from the world, getting by on auto-pilot. I thought that this was normal! Then my life changed overnight and my health collapsed. I was diagnosed with major depression, anxiety and PTSD. I am one of the lucky ones who have been blessed to have an amazing team of professionals and mental health experts around me. I know that a lot of people do not have the opportunity as I have had. This is why I wanted to share what I learnt during the best, worst and in between times. I have been able to find my path, living my truth. I want to guide you in finding yours.

Katie Duffin


For Katie, it was a deep desire to live a life of service and to truly raise up individuals, families and communities - this is what drives her. By actively participating in everyday life with them, being present not just physically, but by sharing those little moments that are truly precious and so meaningful.

We've helped 100's of people to Live Louder!

  • 'Woohoo!!! This was really an amazing challenge! I loved it! I learnt so much especially how sweet the little moments are', Lizzy

  • 'OMG Yeah! Way to go everyone!!! OOOOH, merch! I love t-shirt merch especially This has been tons of fun and the little video was a cool way to start my "Monday" today!!! Thank you!', Sada

  • 'There we so many lessons learned in this challenge, for me it was most impactful to see the personal improvements and balance that came from daily workouts - as well as how my daughter now looks forward to her "mommy and me" workout time', Katie

  • Loved seeing everyone's posts!, Caressa

  • Got me started in the right direction... 25 days from first weigh in and I am down 20 lbs! Can't wait for the next challenge. This really helped me to take a look and form good habits that still continue even after challenge. Everyone's posts and input were inspiring! Great to meet everyone!", Cyndi

  • ''Stoked to have participated with such a great group, but saddened this is the last day", Brent

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers!

  • How long will this course take to complete?

    This course is meant to be completed over 30 days. We will provide you with access to each weeks workbook requirements. We have allowed approx. 2 hours a week of activities. As each individual is different this is only a guide and you may also wish to take more time for reflection.

  • How long will we have access to the course?

    You will have unlimited access to the course content. We suggest that you download the workbook and workbook activities and sections each week.

  • What kind of support do I get?

    Our dedicated team will love helping you along the way. We'll stop at nothing to support you in your journey to find your path. We also offer weekly check-in's, anytime group discussions and questions along with a 1:1 40 minute session with either Katie or Melissa.

  • What does it cost?

    The 30 day course is $249 dollars. You can purchase the course use multiple payment options include shoppay or afterpay.

  • What do I get by doing this course?

    At the end of each section you will be asked to complete goals using our proven tools. By setting these clear and concise, time bound goals, you will have a plan to move forward. Throughout the course, we provide access to additional video's, content and downloadable pdf templates along with a 1:1 40 minute session with Melissa or Katie.

Find your path, starting today